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Digital Luxury Brands

Building tomorrow's great luxury brands.



We are entrepreneurs providing growth capital and expertise for the next generation of luxury. We are curating a group of the very best digitally native new-luxury superbrands to rival the establishment.

Fewer, Better

Cuyana makes timeless luxury essentials for the modern woman. Each piece is crafted from the highest quality materials from around the world. Designed to be used daily, and treasured for years to come, Cuyana reduces the anxiety of owning items which are unnecessary and unused.

We invested $30MM to propel their growth to become the next billion dollar luxury essentials brand.


Digital first luxury homewares, Parachute focuses on impeccable minimalist design, quality, and helping people live more comfortably every day. Not just homewares, its pure love.

We invested $25MM to propel their growth to become the next billion dollar homewares brand.



We are thrilled to have partnered with the dLuxury team. They are strong believers in our brand and mission. In addition, their operating experience in retail as well as their vision for the next generation brands is unique and exciting. This enables us to seek their input and have rich discussions around key initiatives of our business.

Karla Gallardo / CEO & Co-Founder / Cuyana

Our partnership has exceeded our expectations. dLuxury bring practical expertise across many business functions, from retail to supply chain and inventory management. They also provide invaluable insights through their collaborative, hands-on approach. We are thrilled that dLuxury is a part of our growth story.

Ariel Kaye / CEO & Founder/ Parachute Home




We know what it's like.

We’ve been there. We know that depending on the type of capital you have, it can either propel or hinder a business.

We are entrepreneurs and operators, obsessed with the next generation of luxury consumer brands. We have significant experience building omni-channel and international operations. We’ve raised capital and scaled businesses to $500MM+ in sales, with all of the challenges that this entails.

Backed by funds with $30B+ in capital, we are joining forces with strong visionary entrepreneurs to actively invest in digital first new luxury consumer lifestyle brands.

With the right support and capital, these brands can become the great brands of tomorrow–the icons, still here in 50+ years.


We have a sweet spot.

We invest in brands which focus on “new luxury” quality and purpose. We love the Home, Luxury Essentials and Wellness & Beauty categories, but we are open to all categories which focus on timeless quality and improve their customers daily lives–even if only in small ways.

We consider businesses with sales of $10M+ and often look at businesses with hundreds of millions in sales.

And we’re flexible. We are open to businesses in different stages of growth and development. Contact us to find out more.

Maybe you're not quite there yet?

Let’s still chat. We love to find creative ways to work with exciting brands to help build a best in class, investment grade brand, whether through a friendly conversation or in a more formal way utilizing our resources and expertise. Contact us to find out more.




As operators and investors, we are focused on helping our partners unlock their company’s true potential.  Through our industry knowledge and deep insights into what helps drive a successful “new luxury” digital first brand, we can help founders and management unlock actionable insights to help them craft a more valuable business.  We then leverage our expertise and resources to support our partner’s operations and strategy where it is most impactful.


We offer management support in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Organizational Structure
  • Key Hires
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Sourcing + Supply Chain
  • Brand + Marketing

Building multi-hundred million dollar profitable e-commerce consumer brands is our specialty. We can provide:

  • Deep industry knowledge and industry benchmarks to inform strategy.
  • Relationships with best-in-class industry professionals and service providers to level up e-commerce operations and performance.
  • Growth advisory

Omni-channel brands are significantly more profitable and valuable than pure e-commerce brands. A intelligent physical retail strategy complimenting a digital first brand is critical to building scale cost effectively in the new brand environment.

We specialize in providing comprehensive retail strategy and infrastructure support to our brands including:

  • Omni-channel roll-out strategy
  • Store format conceptualization
  • Implementation of real estate & store acquisition program
  • Building store operations including talent and management
  • Store technology (offline and online integration)
  • New distribution and channel opportunities

Through an extensive network of partners throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East dLuxury can help unlock international markets for your brand. We can help you launch and scale your omni-channel business in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and the USA.



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